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Coffee Roasting at Home

Did you know that until the early 1900s just about everyone roasted their own coffee beans in their own home? Then corporations got into roasting it for the people and now it is an extremely large industry. 

You can easily roast your own green coffee beans in your own home. This produces freshly roasted coffee flavour as well as connects you to the whole process.

Eric will show you how to use a simple hot air popcorn popper to make fresh coffee in your home.

This workshop has been very popular over the years, so register early so you are not disappointed.

Location: Earth's General Store - Downtown (10150 - 104th Street)

Presenter: Eric Filpula (roastmaster & coffee geek)

You will get a quarter pound of Fair Trade Organic green coffee beans to take home with you so that you can start on your path of home coffee roasting immediately.

Eric Filpula took a roasting course back in 2005 and then become the Roastmaster at earth's General Store for the next 8 year or so. Eric loves coffee and it shows in his craft.

Earth's General Store is only roaster in Edmonton and Alberta (as far as we know) that only uses 100% Fair Trade and Organic certified green coffee beans in our roasting process.

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