2016 Charitable Partner

HIV Edmonton

HIV Edmonton has a vision of Zero: Zero new HIV infections, Zero stigma and discrimination and Zero AIDS related deaths.

We have an outstanding food program, but it’s not just about the food… It’s about getting to Zero it’s about ensuring that those people who need 500 calories to take their antiretroviral meds can secure it, it’s about safe conversations over lunch where the fear of disclosure is held at bay, where a coffee isn’t just a coffee but a safe, warm place.  

This opportunity to partner with Coffee Week is also not just about funds... it's also about creating a safe space to ask tough questions and talk about the drivers of HIV and how it impacts us all. Think of the great conversations you've had at your favourite local coffee shop over a great cup of jo.  The hours spent solving problems, sharing insights and having some laughs along the way. This is what this partnership is about. The coffee and conversations shared can actually create change and defeat the biggest barriers to Zero... silence and stigma.


HIV Facts:

  • In Canada there are an estimated 71,300 people living with HIV
  • 21% of people living with HIV in Canada do not know their status
  • Global HIV rates are going down but HIV is on the rise in Edmonton
  • 1 in 4 people living with HIV in Canada are women

2015 Charitable Partner

Edmonton Bissell Centre